Walk-Ins Welcome!

Canvas Painting

Our canvas painting instruction is fun for people of all ages and skill levels.

  • Choose a design
  • Trace the design on canvas
  • Follow your guided painting instructions
  • Paint!

Once you are done with your piece, you get to take it home with you!

Come by our studio to check out upcoming canvas events in our calendar or book a canvas party down below. Walk-Ins are always welcome!


Pricing includes cost of canvas + a studio fee to cover paint and supplies.

Adult Canvas

$ 30 +$5 Studio Fee per hour
  • Allow 1 - 3 Hours
  • 16 x 20 Canvas
  • Paint & Supplies

Kids Canvas

$ 20 +$5 Studio Fee per hour
  • Allow 1 - 2 Hours
  • 12 x 12 Canvas
  • Paint & Supplies

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